Andain commercializes novel technologies in the biotech & medical fields.


Our Professional team seeks to enhance our core product lines with synergetic advanced technologies and products.


Together with our industrial partners we operate an incubator program to ensure timely market presence of each product we develop.


  • Hot Technology


  • Stem Cell Therapy

    Innovative stem cell technology for healing and rehabilitating of severally damaged muscle tissue such as in Myocardial Infarction (MI), pressure ulcer, and regenerative diseases of muscle.

  • Miniature

    Novel ultra slim, ultra acurate, patch size, one week full treatment, all disposable Insulin Pump, suitable for type-I and type-II diabetics, affordable pen injector replacment.


  • Nano Drug Delivery System

    Organ-targeted nano-Particle drug delivery technology capable of delivering almost any drug to with extremely high load capability. Initial application: Antibiotics delivery via inhalation.

  • Ultrasonic Catheter

    The only viable solution to disperse chemotherapy into brain's malignant tumors. Our life saving Ultrasonic Catheter delivers the drug via stereotactic procedure. 

  • Peptide Booster

    Intra-dermal nano-technology enhancing skin penetration of collagen generating peptides in anti-wrinkle cosmetic products.

Initial Production of the Insulin Pump
Andain Inc. Announces 2,000 Units Initial Production of the Breakthrough ...
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Anti-Wrinkle Nano-Particle Booster
Andain Discusses and Provides Update on Its Breakthrough Wrinkle Treating ...
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Organ-targeted Drug Delivery Nano-particles
Andain Inc. Announces its Innovative Organ-targeted Drug Delivery ...
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Successful 510K Tests of the Insulin Pump
Andain Announces Successful 510K Tests of its Breakthrough Miniature Disposable ...
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Breakthrough Stem Cell Therapy
Andain Inc. Discusses and Provides Update on its Breakthrough Stem Cell Therapy
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Breakthrough Disposable Insulin Pump
Andain Discusses its Breakthrough Miniature Disposable Insulin Pump
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DTC Eligibilty
Andain, the Innovative Technology Incubator, Receives DTC Eligibility
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Stem cell therapy
Positive animal study results for Andainís stem cell therapy.
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Miniature insulin patch pump
Andainís miniature insulin patch pump completed re-design to a fully disposable ...
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