Miniature Insulin Pump

We have developed a novel ultra slim, small, patch size, all disposable Insulin Pump, suitable for type-I and type-II diabetics.


The Insulin pump is of miniature size. It holds 5 CC insulin, weighs 25 grams, and is 49mm in diameter by 7 mm thick.   


The disposable low cost pump may offer an affordable yet clinically superior replacement to the insulin pen injector.


The pump provides safe and constant Insulin treatment to diabetics for a week of use. It is much more accurate than existing pumps in the market.


Our pump is attached to the patientís body as a Band-Aid patch. Its small size and ultra low profile makes it virtually unnoticeable and very comfortable to wear. Our patients feel comfortable to bathe, sport, and swim with it attached. 


The direct attachment to the body requires no tubing like in a conventional insulin pump, and it provides a real-time alert for occlusions and leakages.


Our pump is fully programmed by a remote control unit capable to dynamically change the Insulin treatment program, and actively monitor insulin dosage to the patient. The control unit updates information to the patient, the doctor or the health provider.


It can also function without the control unit by using pre-programmed treatments, providing safe Basal Insulin treatment and allows delivery of manual Bolus dosages. A fail-safe mechanism prevents administration of multiple Boluses to prevent hypo-glycaemia. 




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